Automated Fingerprint Identification System

AFIS System

Affordable, Upgrade-able, and Standards-based Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification

Local criminals commit local crime – save time and get results faster by searching your local database first.

Easy-to-master user interface — If you’ve used Excel or Access,
you can use AFIS System.

Runs on any brand of PC, connects to nearly any live scan device
or flatbed scanner.

Need to conduct a wider search of regional or national databases?

AFIS system ‘lights out’ search capability frees up your officers’ time.


AFIS Workstation

Affordable AFIS/APIS. Add a remote workstation to make your system even more cost-effective

Get ahead of your caseload by adding a Remote Workstation to your AFIS system

Full entry and editing capability

Full search and search review functionality

Virtual network connection allows you to share AFIS System between offices.

Latent Workstation

How many AFIS/APIS searches do you need to perform?

Latent Workstation can be networked into your existing AFIS system or stand alone

Enter, edit, and search latent prints against a database of known fingerprints and palm prints

Make sure your crime scene investigators aren’t waiting in line to input latent prints.


Editing Workstation

The people you’re looking for aren’t exactly waiting around to get caught. So maybe it’s time to speed your AFIS/APIS entries.

Entry and Editing Workstation improves efficiency in high-volume environments

Enter fingerprint, palm print, and latent records into your AFIS system

Extracts minutiae, and allows users to easily edit records.


Verifier, you can confirm identity by fingerprint in a matter of seconds

Simple interface and intuitive commands make positive biometric ID easy

Speed up ID verification even more with a barcode reader
Not limited to law enforcement — use in any situation where positive ID verification is needed.



This easy-to-use system takes you from ‘John Doe’ to a positive identification in record time.

Quickly and easily find out whether you’re dealing with an individual that you have encountered before

You choose which and how many fingers to use in the search
Simple interface makes it easy to use and interpret results

Positively identify an individual at the beginning of the booking process don’t enter false information you’ll have to correct later.