Multisys® is a unique, user friendly, modular PC based Security Management System. It uses a common communication protocol to integrate and control the APS Electro-Fence™ controllers, Flexiguard™ analysers, SensorPoint™ system and other alarm devices.

This integration allows the system designer the flexibility to construct many different perimeter intrusion detection systems with multiple network configurations.

The system is controlled using programmable icons on the GUI making the system extremely easy to programme and operate. All alarms are displayed on maps showing the operator exactly where on the site the alarm has occurred.




The system is very easy to program using intuitive drop down menus for each item. Alarms actions can be linked with various outputs to control other devices,e.g switch on lights, activate sirens or send GSM SMS messages.


The various modules connected to the Multisys® PC communicate using a common protocol by RS485 or Ethernet TCP/IP. The data can be sent by copper data cables, fibre optic cables, radio transmitter or microwave link.

Electro-Fence™ Control

The EF132/3/4 Electro-Fence™ Controllers can be controlled by the Multisys® system using RS485 communication. Individual zones can be switched on or off, pulse count varied and voltage levels set at the click of the mouse.

The fence voltage on each zone can be displayed and monitored on the screen in real time.

Flexiguard™ Control

The Flexiguard™ FS302 analyser can be controlled by the Multisys® system using RS485 communication. Each zone can be individually controlled. The cut and climb detection sensitivity and characteristics are set using the on screen menu.

The status of each zone can be viewed on screen allowing the operator to ensure that the system is operating to its optimum level.

SensorPoint™ Control

The SensorPoint™ system can identify the exact location of an intrusion attempt. Sensors are connected on each fence panel and are displayed on maps of the site. On receipt of an alarm a map will be displayed showing the alarm location.

All the sensor settings including individual sensor sensitivity are set using the on screen menus. The status of each individual sensor can also be displayed.

Alarm Control Unit

Up to 2032 alarms can be connected into the system. Any alarm device with a dry contact relay output can be connected into Alarm Control Units, each with 8 programmable inputs and 8 programmable outputs.

Camera Control

Camera preset commands can be linked to alarm activations so that a camera or group of cameras will move automatically to preset positions on receiving an alarm activation.

Log File

All system activity is recorded and stored in a log file. Alarm activity and everything the operator does is recorded. In the event of an incident the files can be searched to find out exactly what occurred.

Users Login

Each user is assigned a unique user name and password. There is no limit to the number of users of the system.