Barrier System

The system consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver unit. The transmitter generates a microwave beam in the X band creating an invisible but sensitive 3D volumetric protection zone. An intruder entering this zone will immediately be detected and an alarm will be generated. It will detect an intruder walking, running or crawling through the protected zone.

High Stability

The Microguard™ MW200 has been designed for outdoor use in the harshest of environments. It uses a Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) with MIC technology to achieve ultra high detection stability in all weather conditions.

Microprocessor Controlled

The Microguard™ MW200 is a state of the art Microprocessor controlled Digital Microwave Barrier.  It uses the latest microwave beam technology which increases the detection sensitivity and reduces nuisance alarms. It is designed only to detect a body mass of more than 35Kg (80lb) and is unaffected by birds and small animals.
All signals are digitally processed which gives maximum detection performance with an extremely low false alarm rate, thus ensuring a very high security standard is achieved.

Flat Panel Antenna

Another significant advantage in the design of the units is the use of Flat Panel Microstrip Technology Antennas in both the transmitter and receiver.
Flat Panel Antennas are more efficient than the traditional dishes used in microwave barriers. They are very low in profile and mechanically rugged. As a result the units are very compact and thin, only 46mm thick, and have a very low wind loading enabling the unit to be mounted in the most demanding environments.

Enhanced Automatic Gain Control

A wide ranging Automatic Gain Control compensates for varying site conditions caused by rain, snow and fog. Due to the microprocessor control and digital signal processing an AGC range of 110dB is achieved.


Microwave frequency 9.5/10.525GHz
Modulating frequency 1.0kHz, 1.28kHz, and 1.324kHz
Cannels crystal controlled 4
Max transmission power 35mW (normal condition)
Max length of protection zone 200m = 656ft
Max width of protection zone 1.5m (4.9ft) Narrow setting: 3.5m (9.84ft) Wide setting
Max height of protection zone 2.5m (8.2ft) Narrow setting: 4.5m (14.8ft) Wide setting
Power supply 12 to 25V DC
Current consumption 95mA, 12V DC (one pair)
Alarm relay NO/NC, 28V DC, maximum 0.1A
Alarm time Maximum 3s
Tamper switch NC, 28V DC, maximum 0.1A
Target size 35Kg = 80lb
Target speed 0.1m – 10m/s = 0.328 – 32.8ft/sec
Ground unevenness limit 0.3m = 0.98ft
Max height of grass 0.3m = 0.98ft
Max depth of snow 0.5m = 1.04ft
Operating temperature -40 to + 65 degrees C = -40°F to 149°F
IP rating IP65
Dimension 156 x 138 x 46mm = 6.14 x 5.43 x 1.81 inches
Weight 2.5kg (transmitter, receiver, and accessories) = 5.5lbs