Digital Inteeligence

FRED Forensic Workstations

Built to Perform.
Case After Case. Year After Year.

FRED systems set the standard for forensic acquisition and analysis workstations. The quality, features, performance, and overall capability are second to none. Buying a FRED system means making an investment in your ability to solve every investigation.

Year after year. Case after case. FRED systems help forensic examiners world-wide work smarter, faster, and with more success. Put the power of FRED to work for you today.

Digital Inteeligence

Purpose Built Forensics.
Superior Performance. Lasting Value.

FRED systems are designed and built from the ground up as high performance, forensic acquisition, analysis and processing platforms. The advanced technology and features available exclusively from Digital Intelligence set FRED systems apart and Digital Intelligence’s build quality and service ensure your FRED investment will yield lasting value.

Imaging & Drive Maintenance Image multiple drives simultaneously
Image multiple drives sequentially
User selectable RO or RW via LCD
Feature Flexibility Drive Bay Ecosystem – Change features by HotSwapping FRED Drive Bays
Forensic Acquisition Capacity User switchable “write protect” mode on USB 3.1 connected SATA III trays
Productivity Installed with Windows 10 64-bit Pro and OpenSUSE 64-bit Pro Linux
Removable, hot-swap, write protected USB 3.0 drive enclosure
Performance Enterprise class, true 12 Gbs SATA/SAS RAID controller
Reliability Magnum heat sink, fan activated, air-cooled ventilation
Convenience Integrated, retractable imaging cooler shelf
Device Management Touch screen UI for local access and management of drives