Uncompressed Screen Capture for Acquisition & Processing

What is Omnivore?

  • DCCTV Recovery
    • Windows-based systems
    • Linux-based systems
    • Analog or digital video output uncompressed capture (Ocean
      Field Kit)
  • DCCTV Evidence Processing
    • Uncompressed capture from proprietary software.
    • Tool & Process verification
    • Providing working copies
    • Documentation
  • Other use cases
    • Any screen capture scenario where software cannot be
      installed…in the office or in the field!


Image Clarification for Adobe Photoshop

  • ClearID v3.4 is 64-Bit: Supports 64-bit Photoshop CS4 – CC 2019
  • Use ClearID filters on Video & SmartObjects!
  • Record ClearID filters as PS Actions
  • F11 brings up previous function dialog & settings

The Omnivore Field Kit

What’s Included:

  • All Required Cables (Color Coded)
  • Pelican Case w/ Field Kit Devices
  • Qualified 15” or 17” Workstation
  • Soft Travel Case w/ Shoulder Strap & Telescoping Handle and Wheels

ClearID Workflow

  • Non-destructive: Maintains original image integrity.
  • Precise: Uses filters in a logical order to achieve the best results.
  • Reproducible: Each step can easily be repeated.
  • Verifiable: Documented so that another analyst can obtain same results.


Complete systems for processing multimedia evidence

  • 5 dTective effects
    • Updated SpotLight – highlight/mask up to 4 areas in 1 effect
  • archive-R v1.13
  • Also includes:
    • dPlex Pro
    • DVR dCoder

Media Composer

Media Composer for Investigative & Forensic Uses

  • Investigative filtering (dTective/CID)
  • Real-time alignment of multiple sources
    • Provides the bigger picture
  • Covert Surveillance Redaction & Editing
    • Direct access to formats form Sony, Panasonic, Canon and more.
  • Over 1,500 LE Agencies use Avid MC
    • Multi-Analyst and/or Agency collaboration
  • Standards based w/leading Asset Management features.

DAC QuickEnhance® Forensic Audio Software

Improve the clarity of voices and other audio evidence that are important to your case.

QuickEnhance Supports More Audio Editors:

  • The QuickEnhance plug-in suite is designed specifically for forensic audio clarification, so there is no need to hunt through a long list of audio effects filters designed for creative audio professionals.
  • In a single streamlined interface you have the filters you need to address all the most common audio problems that are preventing you from hearing import elements in your audio evidence.
  • QuickEnhance Benefits: Reduce background noise such as hums, electrical interference, air conditioners and tape noise to improve the clarity of voices and other audio evidence that are important to your case.