AutoClear – Security Inspection Systems

Explosives, Weapons, Metal Weapons, Bomb Components and Contraband

4535 X-RAY Inspection

Explosives, Weapons and Contraband

Lighter and shorter than our best-selling full-size scanner, the 4535 packs all the speed, power and detection capability of our flagship multi-energy models into a sub-compact design. Sized for inspecting mail, hand carried objects, personal items, clothing and shoes, the 4535 meets the throughput demands of high-traffic settings. An intuitive operator interface makes this unit suitable for both security professionals and non-technical personnel.

  • The performance and features of larger, heavier systems in a compact cabinet design
  • Fits through narrow doorways and in standard elevators
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Full suite of image enhancement tools.
100100T X-RAY Inspection

100100T X-RAY Inspection

Explosives, Weapons and Contraband

The 100100T heavy-duty conveyorized X-ray inspection system is designed for screening large objects, hold baggage and cargo for concealed weapons, explosives and contraband. Multi-energy color allows operators to quickly spot areas of concern in the most thickly packed parcels, bulk loads and baggage. The system’s high-capacity conveyor sits less than a foot from the floor for easier, more ergonomic loading.

  • TSA qualified for air cargo screening
  • Ideal for inspecting oversized and out of-gauge objects
  • Heavy-duty, high-capacity conveyor never needs adjusting.

8000P Detection Portal

Metal Weapons, Bomb Components and Contraband

Accurate and dependable, the 8000P pulsed field metal detection portal features 70 standard programs for great adaptability. Easy to operate and maintain, the unit features LED and LCD alarm indicators, built-in diagnostics that continually monitor circuits for faults, and exceptional noise reduction. Designed for durability, the 8000P stands up to high traffic.

  • Radio frequency interference rejection from 25 to 1,000 MHz
  • Digital signal processing circuitry eliminates spikes, noise, and radio frequency interference
  • Continuously active detection circuitry eliminates the need for sensors.
8000P Detection Portal
SuperOmniPlus Handheld

SuperOmniPlus Handheld

Metal Weapons, Bomb Components

The Autoclear SuperOmniPlus detects the complete range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from every direction, no matter how the grip is held. The unit’s long probe is optimized for rapid searches and allows the operator to work at a greater distance from the person being scanned, and rapid motion won’t trigger false alarms.

  • 360 of detection performance
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Performs faster searches at greater distances
  • Virtually unbreakable