Guardian® Jump Kit

Compact Multimodal Biometric Enrollment Solution

The Crossmatch® Guardian multimodal biometric Jump Kit provides compact, highly mobile technology for capturing and transmitting forensic-quality digital fingerprints, iris images, photographs and demographic data for your identity management requirements.

The Guardian Jump Kit is ideally suited for remote or autonomous enrollment applications. Completely self-contained, the kit utilizes a military specification (MILSPEC) battery to power a durable ten-print livescan device. The Jump Kit also includes a mug shot camera, iris scanner, and global positioning system (GPS) to log date, time and exact location of enrollment. Optional configurations include a portable handheld fingerprint scanner, a latent image camera, a document scanner and a mobile printer. In addition, the Jump Kit can be configured to host a mobile AFIS. Completely customizable, customers can choose exactly what is required for their identity management solution to ensure mission requirements are met.

The Jump Kit can be delivered fully configured and ready to operate right from its ruggedized case. The ruggedized nature of the kit’s components and case and plug-and-play set up make it an ideal solution for use in remote or communication-compromised locations, refugee camps, active war zones and maritime interdictions or matters of emergency/crisis management.

The Guardian Jump Kit provides a rapidly deployable identification and verification solution in one highly mobile, easily transportable case — to capture and transmit vital information about suspects, terrorists, detainees and others. With the Guardian Jump Kit, law enforcement, homeland security and military personnel, can quickly and simply check an individual against a pre-established and loaded watchlist or transmit to a remote ABIS for matching, providing real-time identity information.

Guardian® Jump Kit


  • Enroll, identify and verify detainees, suspects and perpetrators
  • Match fingerprints captured at crime scenes against terrorist and criminal databases
  • Verify identities during interdictions
  • Register and track movement of detainees through judicial system processing
  • Capture and match fingerprints of casualties of war or natural disasters
  • Log date, time and exact latitude and longitude of fingerprint capture to create data for intelligence
  • Verify identities at border checkpoints or in the field.

Optional Components

  • Voice print recorder
  • MRZ Reader for collecting passport and ICAO travel document data
  • Mobile printer
  • Mobile AFIS – 65,000 ten-print records and 400 latent print databases
  • Dual submission and comparison against portable database on laptop or FBI’s IAFIS, Department of Homeland Security’s IDENT and other “watch list” databases
  • Document scanner for electronic import and transmission of credential documents or evidential documents found in the field.