Designed with mobility and portability in mind, the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader offers an astonishingly thin profile and overall compact footprint not achievable with traditional prism-based or optical-based TFT configurations. The NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader is uniquely suited to today’s mobile and portable identity verification applications. Its durability and capture reliability, a hallmark of HID Global biometric hardware, and FAP 30 PIV certification make it ideal for critical applications from law enforcement rapid ID to mobile banking customer verification.

The ergonomic housing easily provides for comfortable single-handed use by the operator – facilitating single print capture without coming into physical contact with the subject. Distinctive blue landing lights offer user guidance along with haptic hidglobal.com feedback alerts for successful capture notification. And should a use case configuration require a short cable connection (as in a portfolio configuration), or a longer cable connection, various USB cable lengths are available.

Ideally paired with HID Global Mobile ID identity management software, the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader can be bundled with smartphones, tablets or laptops to provide maximum flexibility for a given use case application. Integration of the reader utilizes the HID U.are.U® SDK and existing API, saving development time and resources.

A range of accessories are available to meet individual use case environment and procedural requirements



Product Name HID NOMAD™ 30 Pocket Reader
Interface USB 2.0 TYPE-C receptacle, no camera interface
Fingerprint Image 8-bit grayscale
Frame Speed 12 frames per second
Resolution 400 x 500 pixels (500 dpi)
Sensing Area 20.32mm x 25.4mm
Overall Dimensions 95mm x 45mm x 8.5mm


OS Support Windows® 7+, Android™ 4+
Ingress Protection IP65 sensor and bezel
Environmental Operating temp: – 10° to 50° C Storage temp: – 20° to 60° C
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Certifications UL recognized, RoHS, PIV


  • TFT FAP 30 PIV certified sensor
  • Blue LED user guidance ‘landing’ lights
  • Haptic feedback to alert the subject that auto capture was successful
  • Powered via USB 2.0 connected to mobile device, tablet or PC
  • Scratch resistant sensor – tested for 1 million touches.