Intruder Deterrent and Detector

Electro-Fence™ is a powerful intruder deterrent which can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or used as a stand-alone fence. The obvious physical presence of the fence with its bright yellow warning signs presents a potent front-line deterrent. Access to the premises can therefore be denied at the perimeter. As soon as an attempt to climb or cut the fence is made a safe, short, sharp, very unpleasant shock is felt resulting in a very effective deterrent. Any attempt to breach the fence generates an immediate alarm.


Safe, Secure System

All Electro-Fence™ Controllers are manufactured to exceed worldwide standards: BS EN ISO 60335-2-76 and BS1722 part 17. Electro-Fence™ controllers have an impeccable safety record. The high voltage pulse is of less than one thousandth of a second in duration.

To ensure absolute security, a Controller continuously monitors the Electro-Fence™ for different types of attack and generates an alarm when pre-programmed conditions are met.

The Ultimate Security Response

Electro-Fence™ can be used as a stand-alone fence or attached to an existing perimeter fence and readily interfaces with standard security equipment. Electro-Fence™ includes as standard many additional features and enhancements not found in any other similar products, such as Adaptive Alarm Threshold, Pre Alarms, Bipolar outputs and it is also simple to operate.

User Operation and Control

The Electro-Fence™ system can be monitored and controlled via LCD keypads linked to an intruder alarm panel or it can be controlled from a PC using the Multisys® Security Management System.
Alarms are shown on maps of the site and all zones can be controlled from the PC. The voltage on each section of the fence can be displayed on the PC in real time. Full details of the Multisys® Security Management System are available on request.

The Fence

The Fence – Wires 95mm apart are attached to steel galvanised posts spaced approximately 3 metres apart.

  • The 3 metre high system has 32 wires.
  • The 2.4 metre high system has 25 wires.
  • The 1 metre high system has 11 wires.

Elements of the System

HV/LV Electro-Fence™ Controllers

Controllers are available in single, dual or six zone types which are fence-mountable. The Controller continuously monitors for different types of attack.

  1. Shock Monitoring – when a predetermined number of shocks have been administered to an intruder, an alarm is generated.
  2. Voltage Monitoring – if intruders attempt to reduce the voltage, an alarm is generated.
  3. Cut Monitoring – if intruders attempt to cut the wire, an alarm is generated.
  4. Short Circuit Monitoring – if intruders attempt to short circuit either live or earth wires, an alarm is generated.
  5. Low Voltage Monitoring – even when the high voltage is switched off the fence wires can still be monitored and generate an alarm if interfered with.